Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof-Inspect, Maintain And Repair

Roof has to be properly maintained whether it is new or old. Always remember that maintenance of the roof is much affordable than the complete replacement of the same. Prolong the life of the roof by following a regular maintenance and inspection regime.

To prevent cost of reroofing you can follow the simple tips that can help in long lasting roofing solution for your home. The extremities of the climate can take the toll on the quality of the roof. The strength of the roof declines over a period of time and timely intervention helps in giving it the added support to last longer.

Inspect the roof

Regular inspection of the roof must be done. Start with the overall view of the roof, this means the external appearance of the roof. If it looks faded then you can think about giving it a fresh paint. Also clear out the debris and leaves that can cause water clogging. This again can weaken the roof and create leaks and fungal growth. You can prevent reroofing if proper repair work is done for even minor issues of the roof at the early stages. If left unattended they may turn out to be huge repair work burning your wallets.

Check the granules and the shingles to look for any loose and open ones. Also, check the flashing for any kind of damages. When you inspect the roof it is also imperative to check your attic. Attics show the first signs of roof problems in the form of leaks, fungal growth and so on.


Maintenance of the roof is a simple yet essential process. You must ensure that the gutters are not clogged by removing the debris and keeping the surface clean. Trim the branches of the trees hanging over the roof. Dry leaves may hinder the flow of water and thus block the drainage. This again causes damp roofs and may weaken the roof. Remove the moss with the help of chlorinated water and a few drops of bleach.


Timely repair of the problems is very important to save on bigger expenses. Get the aid of a roofing contractor to understand the cost efficient ways of repairing any issue. There are so many materials in the market that can give your roof a better look and strength. Look for a durable material and do not always compromise on the quality for the sake of low price services. In case of replacement of the roof, consult more than one roof contractors. You may click on some viable option when you get the suggestion from different contractors. This is because roof replacement involves heavy cash outlay and so analyse in detail before making the final decision.