Set Up Your Own Freelance Design Company

Are you an artist? Is design your passion? Would you love to turn what you love to do into a viable job? If you have always dreamed of working as a freelance designer, artist, or illustrator we’ve got some handy hints on how to set up your business.

Create a portfolio

You will need to put together a portfolio of your work that you can then show clients interested in hiring you. Your portfolio will represent and reflect who you are as an artist, what kind of work you do and will also give the client an indication of the quality of work that they can expect from you. Go through all the drawings, illustrations and designs you have created. While it’s good to give an indication of how you have improved and progressed, it is also important to include only your highest quality work. Displaying a range of work that you are capable of is also a great idea as it will open up more opportunities for work. You will need to look at printing out your portfolio, so ask around for a printer or copy shop that does high quality plan printing.

While plan printing generally targets architects, the large scale high quality prints from good printing shop will truly help showcase and highlight your talent. Visit this link for more information about print shop in South Melbourne.

Create an online presence

The easiest way to get word out that you are an artist looking for work, is to set up a Facebook page. Your page should contain basic contact information and contain samples of your work. Provide a brief outline of what you offer as an artist and share a profile picture of yourself. You could either upload your portfolio in digital format as an album on Facebook or you could share photographs of finished pieces. You could also share sneak previews of work in progress which will help you create a follower base that stays interested and invested in your work.

Create a client base

Freelancing is hard work. Getting a steady clientele takes time. Consider offering free or discounted work for friends or a local company – it could be something simple like a doodle for a coffee cup or seasonal greeting card design and ask them to let people know who designed it and to give out your contact details. You will soon find that people are starting to enquire about your work.

Working as a freelance designer or artist is tough, but if you are passionate enough and enthusiastic and hardworking then you can and will succeed!