Know The World And What Is Around You

Sticking to the book is no longer acceptable. The school syllabus can and will only take you so far. Then its up to you to make sense of the world around you. The schools does not teach you to question. It only teaches you how to answer, especially how to answer exam papers. It does not promote free thinking, imagination, and innovation. Children are taught thing the others did but are not taught the things that they can do and one day achieve. It does not teach them to ask how, why and when. For an example we are taught our own history saying World War II happened and it destroyed thousands of lives and property. The syllabus will teach you all the important dates, places and the people. But does it stop to let the children know why it happened? What made Hitler start the war? Why couldn’t he be stopped? What could have happened if it was the other way around? Why did it turn out the way it did? There are so many questions to be asked but instead we spend time on the facts but not on why the facts happened the way it did. 

Let’s take another example. Our children are taught that we must be gentlemen and behave like ladies. We tell them how to stand, eat, and talk. If they don’t agree to it then we discipline them but we forget to let them ask the questions of why is it important for them to adhere to such norms and behavioral patterns. So our generations grow up without the knowledge outside the syllabus. If it doesn’t directly involve and concern their field of study then it doesn’t matter to them. Engineers don’t want to learn about classical art and artists don’t want to know what makes the car move forward. This can be really sad as we will grow up in an environment that doesn’t have general knowledge of the things around us. Check this page if your looking for high quality plastic products.
So what can we do about it? Well, first things first. Start learning and that’s about the first and last thing to do. Start exploring knowledge and information that doesn’t directly involve you but could come in handy. For an example not many would know what poly carbonate is right? (So just in case that you don’t know what it is, it is a tough clear plastic that looks like glass). But you would have seen it thousands of times in windows, door panels, and even in bullet proof windows or CDs. Did you know that you can order polycarbonate cut to size because it is so tough and hard to cut? 
Other times try to find things out of mere curiosity. Have you heard of welding? Yeah right? But do we stop to ask how is it done, the mechanism behind it and why some times a plastic rod is used? No, because we are not welding mechanics and our field of study or occupation does not directly involve anything that remotely resembles to welding.So just think about it. Where did we actually go wrong?