Gardens and their Maintenance


Gardens are the places where people would like to spend their leisure time to refresh their minds. There are various types of gardens that can be built and it can also depend on the place where these gardens can be framed. Because there are various types of gardens like

 Home gardens situated in the external space attached to the houses

 Kitchen gardens where vegetables and many other useful things for the kitchen can be grown

 Rock gardens decorated with various types of stones framed sequentially in an artistic manner

 Medicinal gardens where medicated plants can be grown for the purpose of satisfying the needs of the people.

 Hanging gardens surrounded with creepers on the walls

 Roof or terrace gardens which can be built on the top of the buildings

All these gardens are the types that have been constructed by the people based on the space available and also it can be very difficult to handle the maintenance activities for these gardens. If these gardens are built by any individual then it can be their responsibility to take care of them but in the case of gardens constructed for the purpose of the public visit then the local governments are responsible for handling all the maintenance activities related to them.
There are certain maintenance activities that should be carried out regularly so that they can look beautiful and can attract the public or any individuals. The maintenance activities include:

I. General cleaning activities like

• Trash and waste removals
• Dry leaves cleanups
• Unnecessary and graffiti removals

II. Purifying and cleaning the water systems at regular time intervals

III. Carrying out tree pruning in Lindfield and plant pruning’s so that the plants and trees can grow healthily

IV. Usage of pesticide and other fertilizers to control the viruses that can affect the growth of the plants.

By carrying out all these activities regularly, people can maintain these gardens perfectly. Even the home gardens can also be maintained perfectly and there can be the companies that can provide the maintenance services for maintaining these gardens. Even the corporate companies and the commercial spaces can also be constructed with gardens that can give a beautiful look to space. By providing tree pruning services and other cleaning and pest control services they can help the people in maintaining their home gardens.

The companies that can offer the garden and greenery maintenance can provide their services online also. They can also suggest the people about the plants that can be planted in the indoor gardens and in terrace or roof gardens. These gardens not only provide a beautiful look but also help the people to control their emotions and also to refresh their minds. By playing in these gardens, children can have pure and fresh air which can be good for their respiratory system.