4 Signs When You Need To Repair Or Replace The Air Conditioner

Imagine returning home after a hard day’s of work and relaxing under the air condition unit installed in your home. That might be a very pleasant picture to imagine. Summer and warm days are unbearable for people living in such regions. For instance most individuals living in the Middle East install an AC unit. Without the cool air, it’s really hard to cope in these extremely hot environments. However, having to sleep in the nights with just the fan, as the AC hasn’t been working is quite irritating. That said, this articles would be highlighting some points to recognize when the cooling system needs repairing.

Most homeowners, who have been using air conditioner units for a long time, still fail to identify the signs of when to repair the unit. It’s not a tough job to understand it, all you need is to observe some changes. Here are some signs that you should watch out, if you have an air conditioner at home:

• Faint wind because of low fan blowing

If you notice that the fan speed is very low and faint, then there could be a problem inside the unit. Hence, even if you try to increase the speed, the blowing doesn’t pick up, it’s a sign that the air conditioning in Frankston system might need repairing.

• Air isn’t cool anymore

Another sign that you could read as a mark is the chilly air of the unit. For example no matter how much you increase the speed of the fan, the breeze isn’t cold. It’s much more dry and warmer. If your AC doesn’t cool your living room, bedrooms, etc. there might be a problem inside the cooler. If you are seeking for some information regarding heater repair, you can easily click here.

• Weird sounds

While you were relaxing and reading a book on your couch, you suddenly startle to a loud cracking and squeaking sound. You turn around and detect the surroundings. You realize that you hear the sound from the air conditioning system. The reasons for theses sounds could be:

– Slipped fan belt

– Broken motor bearing

– Inner units requires lubricants

• Leaks or moisture around the places where it shouldn’t be

If you notice that there are water droplets falling from the unit, then again this is a sign that shouldn’t be avoided. In addition, if you notice that the walls or surface around the motor is wet or damp, you should call the techs to check the problem.

All of the above are some of the common signs, which indicate that your AC is not working properly. So, call the cooling company when you aren’t feeling the cool breeze, poor fan speed and so on. Avoid paying these companies for replacing with new parts, when you could detect the problem earlier and get it fixed.