Natural Insect Control To Your Garden By Planting Flowers

Flowers are extremely beneficial to any garden. Not only does it bring beauty to the premises, it also has the timeless aid of acting as a pest repellent as a pollinator for the growth of more plants. The dual benefit of having flowers in your garden space or crops is to obtain the maximum benefit which will aid you in a healthy cultivation. For instance, the Diatomaceous earth is great for controlling pesky pests and also gives a vibrant bloom in your garden. How this works as an insect repellent is due to the fact that this powder makes the insects dehydrated and the insects die due to lack of water pressure. Just as such there are plenty more helpful flowers that will benefit your garden. Here are few of those to get you started with.

The borage plant

This plant which blooms in to a vibrant blue flower also known as the star flower. It blooms yearly through self seeding, so you don’t have to worry about much on maintenance. Garden specialists on residential pest control services explain that these are great to get rid of cabbage worms. This plant is also known to protect fruits such as strawberries and even spinach leaves. This is also the perfect flower to be planted along side tomatoes since the mother moth has the tendency to be confused amongst both the plants. According to studies conducted this borage or better known as starflower is said to make the tomato harvest taste better and also promotes a healthy growth.

The pretty catmints

Expert florists state that there are more than 250 species of catmints who are also referred to as Nepetas. Some even refer to these flowers as catnips due to the passive effect it has on domestic cats. Some of the different species of Catmints are used as decorative flowers. Another kind of the same species act as bug repellents when planted alongside crops in your garden. It is said to ward off squash bugs and also aphids due to its unique characteristics. Some of the Nepeta flower kids are used as food by botterflies and moths and its nectar used by pollinators such as the honeybees and humming birds. The plantation of such flower plants are one of the cheap pest control methods to date.

The indispensable garlic

There are many uses for garlic apart from using it for cooking. It is one plant that can be easily grown and takes very little effort to maintain. There are various uses for garlic, multiple remedies and the most popular is the use of garlic as a bug repellent in your garden. Insects stay away from cultivation when places with garlic plants, due to its aroma which is beneficial for the well being of the garden and its plants.