Garden Materials

Outdoor areas generally mean there is going to be green growing things, wood, metal and plastic resins in the surrounds and when it comes to furniture you are going to want have a theme, so you might have white garden furniture to contrast against all of that green and to give your seating area a real obvious space. What materials are you going to choose for your furnishings? Stick with wood so that it flows with the garden, have metal to set your seating even further apart from the natural surroundings or perhaps go with a bit of both, wicker and metal.

There is such a range of choices of fixtures or a like that it can be rather confusing when you get started in your garden, you may fall in love with so many things that you will end up with a hodgepodge of different furniture and colours. If you have an eye for decorating this may work out well but if you are anything like myself then it is just going to look confusing, glaringly overdone and without any rhyme or reason. All of that will detract from what you loved about the furniture and the designs in the first place all that you were trying to display will be lost.

It really comes down to simple questions, what are you going to be doing with the furniture? Is the table and chairs going to be there so you can go out in the morning and have a cuppa and watch the birds, maybe eat some toast? Is the furniture going to be for all the entertaining you do and going to be used time and again and need to be able to handle some rough treatment. Is it simply for decoration and the occasional bum to sit on it, in the hidden corner of the garden?

Once you have the purpose of the pieces sorted out, then it will be easier to choose what it is you want and where it is going in the garden. There are lovely wicker pod chairs that are suspended from a metal frame and they appear ideal and elegant for a relaxing corner of the yard but here are some considerations. The frame supports three hundred kilos, which is great but it doesn’t actually say how much the wicker chair itself can take, probably not three hundred kilos, where that amount of weight would fit in a wicker pod chair is another mystery.

Take some time and make sure that what you have bought or desire actually has some practical applications and wont collapse at the first sign of a descending bottom or melt away at the first spilt drink or summer rain storm. Like anything else there are going to be things available that look nice but have no place in the real world and must be avoided at all costs.